Toronto Apartments

Apartments for rent in TorontoAssortment of Apartments For Rent in Toronto for Every Taste Looking for apartment rentals in Toronto, Ontario is like being a kid in a candy store. The fifth-largest city in North America, more than 5.5 million people call greater Toronto home. Consistently ranked one of the most desirable places to live, the city offers top-notch sports, entertainment, dining, recreation and business opportunities for everyone interested in apartments for rent in Toronto. Toronto’s very diverse population has created many unique neighbourhoods. Choose from approximately 475,000 rental units, with prices decreasing as you move away from the downtown and, especially, further from Lake Ontario. At the high end you may pay $1,900 per month for a bachelor, $1,725 for a 1 bedroom, and up to $2,800 for a 2-bedroom. On the low end, however, you might find something in the area of $550 for a bachelor, $649 for a 1-bedroom, and 2-bedrooms starting at $799. There is an apartment for rent in Toronto for every taste, size and shape. So how do you decide? Cando Apartments will help you narrow the rental apartments in Toronto to the place you will call home; to where you will feel safe and secure. With a wide range of buildings and locations throughout greater Toronto, Cando Apartments has the rental apartment for you. Offering a range of facilities with varying price ranges, all our buildings are well-maintained by professional superintendents, their assistants, and a solid property management team to back them up. If you crave a quality rental apartment in Toronto, Cando Apartments serves up something for every appetite.